Simple Pricing & Exceptional Service
Mel’s Cleaning Services was created to gain the opportunity to become a leader in the residential and commercial industry. We have built a dedicated and motivated team to help build this vision.
We know you are busy and that the work /life balance often times does not leave time to clean your space as thoroughly as you might like. We enjoy providing a sense of calm to our customers. The work is meditative and enjoyable for us. We also know that not every job is the same, we will work hard for you, listen to your concerns and unique requests as they are raised. We will be as consistent as possible and can provide all natural products via Thieves if requested. While we still offer traditional products, we offer a natural option as we know how harmful some chemicals can be, especially for the elderly or young children.
We also know that another concern of our customers may be that the task on hand is overwhelming even for professionals and Super Moms. We offer a no judgement, empathetic approach as we know that everyone has different circumstances and also that life can take unexpected turns. This is where so much of our job satisfaction derives from. To us, cleaning is so much more than dusting, moping and vacuuming; it is providing a clean slate, taking a weight off and allowing our customers to prioritize more important matters with one less worry.
Mel’s Cleaning Services is built upon the Principles and values of caring for and respecting one another. We understand that welcoming our cleaning professionals into your home is a commitment to trusting us in your personal space- with this trust comes responsibility, care, and professionalism on our part…values you can count on, every time! Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, it’s time for you to discover the magic we can create for your family and guests. Your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations by trained professionals at surprisingly affordable rates. We make your world a little easier every time!! It’s like spring cleaning all year round!!! Some good old-fashion cleaning plus impeccable customer service equals a fresh home with less hassle and more free time. Our expert staff delivers concierge-level service by addressing any questions, comments and concerns — backed by our 200% Service Guarantee. ((( YUP 200%!!! ))) Give us a call for details and to schedule the best cleaning experience you will ever have!!
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